Where are we moving on to?

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They selected a president for us a couple of weeks ago and while some are battling it in the Supreme Court again and others choose to resist, a huge part of the lot want to move on. There are those who think it’s the best way to move forward after fighting for so long and ‘winning’ and there are those who believe it’s the only option we have, and for both of these people I have one question. Where are we moving to?

Its ridiculous to think that there lies something so different, so precious and new on the other side. It’s ridiculous because even if there was, we will take our hatred and our division with us and contaminate this place as well. The last few months have been revealing. We have seen our neighbors for who they really are, we’ve turned against each other, we’ve judged each other by our second names and separated ourselves based on political differences. In the process lives have been lost, innocent lives that had no idea who either Raila or Uhuru are and what they represent. So… No. There’s no moving on from this, there is no walking away and there is definitely no clean slate. What we do get however is a chance to work on ourselves, now that all our dirty linen is out in public.

Working on us involves honesty; it involves seeking the truth and finding a voice. Luckily, we don’t have to look very far to find the problem since we all know it. Particularly for the young people, we found it here, we have been raised to recognize it and we are expected to keep it that way.

In this country the big five represents not only wild animals but also certain tribes; they are the ones who get to decide the ruling team, the opposition and the supporters or enablers of either of those two sides. This has been the case over and over for the last 54 years since we gained independence and it has definitely not been a bed of roses all through, in fact nothing good has ever come out of it. We however continue to feed this narrative; we keep completing the sequence then at the end of the day wonder why nothing changes.

As young people we find ourselves in the heart of this charade because unlike our parents and grandparents we have a choice. In this information and empowerment era, when our children and grandchildren ask us why we didn’t fight, we won’t have the luxury of saying that we were unable to or not allowed.

Bearing more than 70% of the country’s population we suffer the most whenever things go wrong. The economy fails; our SMEs collapse, the few people that have been lucky enough to find employment have to live with fear of retrenchment, the high cost of living drives some to do their worst (read drug dealing, robbery etc.) just so that they can survive All this while the people that drove us to that state while we watched deal with none of it. Their children continue to go to the best schools around the world, they continue to have health insurances of millions worth and their lifestyles proceed to be nothing short of the usual. Who then is fooling who?

We might be eager to move on because we think the fight means nothing to us, or maybe we just want to be in good books with the incoming government to get certain funds or tenders but what really is the point if it is as the expense of the truth, justice and the lives of other people. What is the point of struggling to be different if we will just stay the same?


We want accountability and we want it now

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Around thirty people have so far succumbed to malaria in Baringo County over the last few days and hundreds continue to suffer of the same. This is absolutely not something we should be dealing with as a country, not in 2017 when we have global warming and terrorism to worry about.

The nurses have been on strike for 3 months and counting, something that has not come as a surprise to many considering their seniors (doctors) own strike that lasted 100 days. The clinical officers who were holding fort while the nurses were away also recently just signed their back to work agreement after about three weeks of putting down their tools as well. There is one person who remains unshaken despite all this havoc in the health sector however, the health cabinet secretary Cleopa Mailu. His inability to keep his house in check for all this while is turning out to be a liability for the hardworking Kenyan people that continue to pay taxes day by day just so that they could access the services they deserve like proper healthcare and so on. If we were to make a point of taking stock for all the people that have died because of failures in the health sector none of us will take it sitting down. It is a huge number and the fact that Dr. Mailu still finds the audacity to address Kenyans with threats to the striking nurses rather than long term solutions is where we need to draw the line. Not to mention the 500 billion Afya house scandal which we still lack the answers for. But I’m sure if we ask the inspector general of police (the man entrusted with investigating and bringing to book law breakers) he will be happy to inform us of his no-progress progress.

Then there is the joke of them all, the man that is in charge of the sports cabinet. After putting the great men and women that went to raise our flag high in the Rio Olympics through shame, holding absolutely no one accountable for it, Cabinet Secretary Wario disappeared and we all forgot about it. Fast forward to being stripped off of the honors of hosting the CHAN 2018 games since we couldn’t show enough progress in our preparation for the games, and as usual with no proper explanation to the public, the people that are supposed to be in charge continue to comfortably do so.You can make and actual list of the number of times Mr. Wario has let Kenyans down but if he was to get out of wherever he is hiding today I bet he would still go in front of millions of Kenyans and sternly tell us that he wouldn’t resign.

Similarly to what is happening in the IEBC, people have made mistakes but still no one in particular will take responsibility because for some reason or another people in charge want us to believe that things happen under their noses but they have no control over it. Which only begs the questions why are they in charge? Do they need to continue being in charge? And are they the right people to be in charge? The fact that they insist on staying in office even after messing up is beyond arrogant and just goes to show how much we may not be as important as we would like to think we are. Our case is really bad that when someone actually does their job we praise him profusely, case in point; when cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i was randomly walking in to schools day in and out to ensure there was zero cheating in the national examinations which he seems to have achieved if we are going by the results. The amount of praise he received was so immense that if everyone knew that was the kind of praise they would get for doing their actual jobs maybe they would try to be of service.

As a country it is high time we put our foot down and stop taking abuse of office lightly. We need to start demanding for answers when funds are mismanaged. We need to demand for transparency and accountability on the expenditure of public funds. We should even take it a notch higher and ask for progress reports on all those projects they promise us when they come to the grounds to hunt for votes. After all, it is a government of the people, for the people and by the people, No? Plus the very idea of having leaders is so that there are people to hold accountable.


Keep going

How do you know that it’s time to wake up and give up on that dream you’ve always had because it’s not going anywhere?

If you ask me…

Our dreams and our purpose on this earth are directly related. They make us half of who we are. So… Never

Sometimes the dream does not fall into place like we imagined it would; but that does not necessarily mean that we need to stop trying. I’m not the greatest optimist in the room ( I promise I try to see the half-full glass as much as possible) but even I know that giving up on whatever satisfies your soul will just leave you miserable. 

We’ve not established who ‘they’  is, but they say, “good things take time.” And other things like determination and persistence. So, can we just keep going.

Double standards

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Guys, si we just be true to ourselves…

I mean, peoples lives are none of my business and whether they choose to lie to the world or more accurately, themselves, is equally none of my concern. But I want to talk about it anyway.

Social media has been here for a while now and I think we long established that most of what we see there is a lie. A plain old lie. Some lies may be more true than others but the difference is the same.

The thing about living for anything other than what genuinely satisfies a person is that it is deeply draining and unfulfilling. You will wake up one day, look in the mirror and realise that you don’t even recognise your reflection.

We’re all in the run for something here; whether it’s happiness, love, to see the world or a dream job and while the end is supposed to justify the means, it’s never that serious. 

I look forward to the days when people will say what they truly feel regardless of who’s paying attention.

I look forward to the days when people will stand for what they truly believe in regardless of whether it’s popular opinion or not.

I look forward to the days when people will post random pictures of themselves regardless of whether this mark or that belly fat is showing.

I look forward to the days when people will address their sorrows as well as they address their joys.

I look forward to when people will show love to those they care about in real life just as they do on those long captions.

A block of sorts…

Writers block? More like life block, living block… whatever that’s called.  I don’t even know whether my lack of motivation to write or do anything for that matter is anywhere close to healthy. Basically what I have been doing is consuming and more consuming but not really giving anything in return. That used to be […]